Monday, January 21, 2019

The gunpowder engine

In 1876, the year of the U.S. Centennial and Custer's loss at Little Big Horn, Nicolaus A. Otto, (who had worked with Daimler and Maybach) patented a compressed charge, four-stroke engine [U.S. Patent No. 194,047 on Aug. 14, 1877, on an application filed July 13, 1876 ]

About 200 years earlier, in the time period 1671-1680, Huygens and Papin had worked on a gunpowder engine, which used the ignition of gunpowder to move a piston in a cylinder.

Of note is a communication from Leibniz to Papin, as reported in wikipedia:

Leibniz tried to interest Papin in further development throughout, at one point noting

"Yet I would well counsel [you], Monsieur, to undertake more considerable things
which would force everyone to give their approbation and would truly change the state of things."



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