Sunday, January 06, 2019

CBS Sunday Morning on January 6, 2019

Jane Pauley hosted, and the first story presented was the interview by Pauley with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who among other things, said that Trump wanted to abolish Congress.

Of note was the interview by Mark Phillips of actor Michael Caine, which among other things pushed the book Blow the Bloody Doors Off. There was a quote from Caine:

You don't retire from movies. Movies retire you.

This brought to mind the quote attributed to Braves pitcher Warren Spahn:

“I didn’t retire from baseball. Baseball retired me.”


The first headline mentioned was the arrest of Eric Black in Houston. The theme of gruesome continued in the Almanac feature, which recalled the attack on skater Nancy Kerrigan on January 6, 1994. News also covered ice sculptures in China.

In a piece by Serena Altschule, Sunday Morning pushed the movie "At Eternity's Gate," done by CBS films. Of the performance by Willem Dafoe:

At 63, Dafoe is 26 years older than Van Gogh at the time of his death, but for director Julian Schnabel, he was destined for the role.

Altschul asked, "In your mind, it was Willem Dafoe?"

"It was always gonna be Willem," Schnabel said. "He became something else. I don't think it's a performance. He was the incarnation of something."

Note also a previous CBS piece: How Willem Dafoe unlocked Vincent Van Gogh for "At Eternity's Gate" ("CBS This Morning," 11/16/18)

There was a piece on the current "longest" non-stop flight, now 19 hours from New York to Singapore, which covers 9500 miles and passes over the north pole.

The "pulse" feature found a slight preference for car travel over air travel 44% to 43%.

There was a piece on King Tut, which included an allusion to re-writing history:

Perlov showed correspondent John Blackstone a 10-foot quartzite statue of King Tut that was found at his mortuary temple. "What's interesting about this is that right after King Tut passed away, his successor, Ay, tried to destroy all remnants of his rule, including erasing King Tut's name from the belt of that statue and putting his own name.

"But they failed miserably, because few people have heard of King Ay, and the name of King Tut is essentially immortal."

And yet, he was not a particularly significant king of Egypt. "No, he was not," said Dr. Hawass. "Actually, if his tomb was not found, maybe we'll write three lines about him."

One notes the patent system, in encouraging people to write things down, discourages this sort of revisionism.

The nature feature presented sperm whales at Sao Miguel in the Azores. Pico Island is also a good spot to catch the whales.
One recalls a recent story on Sunday Morning about the USS Scorpion, which ended up on the ocean floor near the Azores.


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