Friday, December 21, 2018

Lysistrata re-visited in 1960, but what about now?

On November 9, 1960, one day after the Presidential election between Kennedy and Nixon, CBS presented an episode of
Wanted Dead or Alive, titled "To the Victor," which had some relation to the play Lysistrata by Aristophanes.

In the TV version, the women of the town Coronado separate from the men, and vow not to return until the men give up
their guns. Josh Randal (Steve McQueen) resolves the problem by hiring two armed men (dressed in black) to attack the town.
The populace concludes: Gotta have a gun these days. Within the episode, "Liz Strata" gets a big kiss from Josh (McQueen) and
later confesses "You were right I was crazy."

In the 1960 election, Kennedy asserted there was a "missile gap" with the US inferior in firepower to the Soviet Union.
Did his election mean: gotta have more missiles?

In the Greek play, Sparta and Athens agree to end the war, with both sides going off happy, a different ending than in the
real world.

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