Thursday, December 06, 2018

Female inventor Nan Grey

Back in August 2008, IPBiz noted the anniversary of the patent to Hedy Lamarr [ August 11 is the anniversary of Hedy Lamarr's patent (US 2,292,387); see ]. IPBiz also noted the controversy over the BraBaby and BraBell [ ]

Of lessor fame is female inventor Nan Grey who invented a mirror for near-sighted people.

Grey was an actress who was married to singer Frankie Laine, and last appeared with her husband in an episode of Rawhide, titled On the Road to Yesterday. The plot line, involving Laine having a list of past misdeeds, and atoning therefore, foreshadowed "My Name is Earl" by many years.

Separately, as to "copying," Laine (who sang the theme in Rawhide) was known for, among other things, his version of the theme in "High Noon." His version outsold the version that did appear in the movie "High Noon," which was done by Tex Ritter.

One also notes that the "theme song" for 1961 movie "Town without Pity," originally done by Gene Pitney, did not appear in the movie. According to wikipedia, the song received a Golden Globe award for "Best Motion Picture Song," and was nominated for an Academy Award for "Best Music, Original Song"


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