Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Fake facts on trivia sites

Back on 2 Nov 2018, IPBiz noted an incorrect answer given on "triviagenius"
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On 12 Dec 2018, "trip trivia" asked the question:

Which U.S. city has the most coffee shops per capita?

and stated the correct answer to be Juneau, Alaska, further noting

While Alaska’s capital city Juneau certainly can't claim to have the highest number of coffee shops overall, it ranks highest in density per capita. Its 22 coffee shops serve Juneau's roughly 32,000 citizens, according to the National Coffee Association. Anchorage, Alaska ranks second, with 170 coffee shops for its 431,200 citizens. When you're done sipping that frothy, hot latte, check out Juneau's incredible wildlife, world-class fishing, exhilarating glaciers, historic sites, quaint shops and museums!

60% of the respondents picked Seattle, which was deemed incorrect.

One notes 22 shops for 32,000 people works out to 68.75 shops per 100,000.

Seattle has 253 per 100,000 and San Francisco 307.




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