Sunday, November 04, 2018

"CBS Sunday Morning" remembers Walter Cronkite on November 4, 2018

The Almanac feature began

On November 4, 1916, 102 years ago today, future CBS News correspondent Walter Cronkite was born in St. Joseph, Missouri.

and ended with his last CBS News signoff

"And that's the way it is, Friday, March 6th, 1981."

Almanac noted

He joined CBS News in 1950, and in September 1963, he anchored a television news breakthrough: The first daily half-hour network news program.

The Almanac feature did not observe that the 15 minute Huntley-Brinkley report began October 29, 1956, and expanded to 30 minutes on September 9, 1963, one week after the Cronkite show began 30 minutes.

The Moment of Nature was captioned Wolves in Yellowstone, but included other animals. It ended with a curious encounter between a wolf and a bear.

There was a piece Jeff Goldblum: Living life like a jazz piece, which included a brief clip from the New Jersey classic The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension! Jeff's character was Dr. Sidney Zweibel/New Jersey. Tho the film was depicted mainly in New Jersey, it was mainly shot in California.


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