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CBS dramas involving piracy of sand

Back on June 19, 2018, IPBiz highlighted the episode of the CBS Show "Elementary" titled "Sand Trap," which, among other things, involved some people stealing sand. [ "Curiously, however, not by the intellectual property theft victims, nor by the sand pirates. Rather, by a seemingly mild-mannered county government employee living by kick-backs from contractors. "]

Flash forward to October 19, 2018, and an episode of the CBS Show "Hawaii Five-0" also had a plot line involving theft of sand. [ season 9 episode 4 “A’ohe kio pohaku nalo i ke alo pali (On the Slope of the Cliff, Not One Jutting Rock is Hidden From Sight),” ] With an inside Sherlockian reference to "the game's afoot," one suspects this plot line similarity was quite intentional. The Five-0 episode got more mileage out of the sand theme, with McGarrett improbably jumping into a big sand mixer after a suspect, risking life and limb.

The "bad guy" in both CBS shows was improbable. For Elementary, a meek but highly corrupt county official. For Five-0, a cheating husband, who hired a killer off the internet [Craigslist ?] for $2000, which killer killed the wrong [but same named] person first, which mistaken first killing cracked the case.

There was a second plot line involving Jerry and Junior. Sadly, this included Jerry uttering a completely false statement of history that the Bell P-59 Airacomet was the first jet fighter. Several problems here. The P-59 was basically copied from the British Gloster E.28/39. The P-59 was technically impractical and ultimately scrapped, never flying in combat.
One should review the story of Adolf Galland and the Me-262.

See also

from an IPBiz post on 2016:

Yes, the Germans had jets during World War II in particular the Me-262. The Germans used the Me-262 to target bombers, as on March 24, 1945 over Berlin. From

The Me 262 was way ahead of it's time. The ONLY proven method to successfully bring down an Me 262 was to attack it during take-off/landing. In the air, the Me 262's job was to bring down bombers. This role was one that would be successfull. The P-51 was a superb prop fighter but in a head on fight with the Me 262, it would not win. The P-51 could out turn the Me 262 to get away but to catch up and make a kill....nope.

Air & Space noted:

more than 1,400 Me 262s were manufactured, but only some 300 flew combat.

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The jet fighter craft was an innovation.

[As to attacking bombers, note the story of Galland, and the internal German conflict over the proper
use of the Me-262. How an invention becomes an innovation can depend on "how used;" recall the story of the
computer mouse, among others, and various failed Xerox strategies.]

the 2008 post on IPBiz

As to the Elementary episode:

US Patent 10,000,000 issues on 19 June 2018: COHERENT LADAR USING INTRA-PIXEL QUADRATURE DETECTION to Joseph Marron of Raytheon


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