Sunday, August 12, 2018

CBS Sunday Morning on 12 August 2018 does cover story on exo-skeletons for humans

The cover story on August 12, done by Lee Cowan, was titled --Robotic exoskeletons: Helping paraplegics walk again --
The company ReWalk was mentioned; a patent to ReWalk:

Patent number: 9526668

Abstract: An exoskeleton bracing system includes: a trunk support for affixing to the trunk of a disabled person and leg braces for connecting to the legs of the person, each leg brace including limb segment braces. Motorized joints are adapted to provide relative angular movement between the limb segment braces of the leg braces and between the leg braces and the trunk support. One or more ground force sensors are designed to sense ground force exerted on each of the leg braces. The system also includes a controller for receiving sensed signals from said one or more ground force sensors, with an algorithm for identifying a stance from the sensed signals and, based on the identified stance, actuating the motorized joints to perform an action relating to a mode of locomotion selected from a set of predefined actions corresponding to the identified stance.

Filed: May 14, 2013
Date of Patent Issuance: December 27, 2016
Assignee: ReWalk Robotics Ltd.
Inventors: Amit Goffer, Chaya Zilberstein

The episode had an interview with Petula Clark.

The moment of nature was sandpipers in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.


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