Monday, July 23, 2018

North Carolina reporter dismissed over allegations of plagiarism

US News picked up an AP story on the dismissal of reporter Anne Blythe from the News & Observer over allegations of plagiarism.

A post at the News & Observer on the matter included the text

We are appending a note to each of these online stories (listed below) explaining that information was improperly taken from sources without attribution. We will add disclosures to any other stories that surface and are shown to have similar flaws.


While we rely on other writers and publications to inform our research and reporting process, we have an obligation to attribute facts and information that we glean from those sources and to ensure that the words we write and publish are our own.

We take violations of our core values seriously, and I apologize to both our readers and to the writers and publications from whose work passages were taken.

Robyn Tomlin

Executive Editor


As an example, a story initially published in June 2018 now includes the text:

Editor’s Note: Since publication, the N&O has learned that passages from this story were taken in large part or in whole from ”Two Fyre Festival attendees just won $5 million for their trauma” by Vice News without attribution. This is a violation of our standards. We apologize to our readers.



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