Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Czech politician Mala resigns over accusations of plagiarism

Tatana Mala, who briefly served as justice minister in the Czech Republic, resigned over possible
plagiarism issues in two theses (of widely divergent subject matter).

One: Microclimatic conditions of rabbit breeding at the Mendel University (allegation of copying 11 pages of text from a thesis of another student, who wrote about a similar topic two years before she did; recall the Martin Luther King issue at Boston University.)

The other: before Faculty of Law at the Pan-European University in Bratislava. The Prague Daily Monitor noted:

The university declared on Friday that her thesis was pass the system for uncovering plagiarism and was classified as original. According to available information, the Slovak university's system did not work with Czech sources, however.


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**As to King's thesis at Boston University:

Worse, in the view of most academic standards, was King's appropriation of works by other writers about Tillich, including a 1952 doctoral dissertation by another Boston University student. In the general bibliography of his thesis, King referred to the other student's dissertation but did not cite particular passages.

--the 1952 thesis was that of Jack Stewart Boozer


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