Monday, June 04, 2018

The 10 millionth numbered US patent to issue on 5 June 2018?

A June 4, 2018 post on a Ford patent application includes the text:

Oh, also, I promised my Patent Office pal I’d mention this:
Tomorrow the U.S. Patent Office is expecting to issue its 10 millionth patent!
Holy shit, right? We’ll comb through and find some of the best automotive-related ones at some point.

See post titled --Ford Patents An Idea That's Been Around A Long Time But Is Still A Good Idea --


The number of the last patent as of 5 June 2018 seems to be
9,992,920 [Method for accurate population of a circuit carrier to ZKW GROUP GMBH ], so
we are short of US 10,000,000.

The lowest number on 5 June 2018 was 9,986,671, suggesting issuance of 6249 utility patents
on 5 June 2018.


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