Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Karolinska Institute recommends retraction of two papers of Macchiarini from The Lancet

In a post on 25 June 2018 titled Seven Researchers Guilty of Misconduct in Macchiarini Case , the Scientist reported that The Karolinska Institute has found stem cell-related work of Paolo Macchiarini to involve inaccuracies and data fabrication:

Macchiarini’s research centered on a radical approach to tracheal transplantation that involved seeding bioengineered windpipes with a patient’s own stem cells. His work became the subject of multiple investigations following the deaths of several patients, along with allegations of ethical oversights and data fabrication.


the Institute announced that an analysis of six articles published across four journals had discovered inaccuracies, misleading information, data fabrication, unjustified treatments, and a lack of appropriate ethical approvals


A spokesperson for The Lancet, where two of the papers were published, tells Retraction Watch, “We welcome the report from the Karolinska Institute. We will study their findings and conclusions carefully and respond as soon as possible.


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