Thursday, June 07, 2018

Is Gabibbo a knock-off of "Big Red" of Western Kentucky University?

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Italian court affirms merits of plagiarism suit filed by creator of Western Kentucky's Big Red

Gabibbo is a symbol of a satirical news show Mediaset airs in Italy. Big Red is a red, furry blob created by WKU student Ralph Carey in 1979 [the school sports teams are named Hilltoppers.] For a likeness of Big Red, see SBNation:

As to trademark issues, an animal likeness can be claimed in different use areas (e.g. Tony the Tiger for cereals vs. the Exxon tiger). Can one copy a non-real animal likeness? Must the copying be exact?

As to copyright issues, how exact must the copying be of an otherwise not-preexisting "creature"?


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