Thursday, April 12, 2018

Publication etiquette for SSRN?

In a discussion of the "Bitcoin" plagiarism flap, there is a reference to papers published on SSRN:

His claim that his paper was simply a “draft” doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. The paper was published, under his name, nearly nine months before the alleged plagiarism was discovered. The SSRN website is often used for preprints of academic journals. However, that does not mean you can publish someone else’s work there.

Preprints are generally for finished or nearly finished articles so that they can be peer-reviewed and then edited before sending them to an academic journal. They are not a place to dump notes or copies of another person’s work that need to be later turned into an original piece.


**Separately, of things vanishing from the internet, how about papers vanishing from SSRN?
Think also of the Noji saga.

**Separately, from blawgsearch on 12 April 2018:


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