Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sharing resources vs. passing off

Of the recent plagiarism in Ridgefield, CT matter, the Hartford Courant wrote:

Schools have a hard enough time fighting plagiarism in student writing. It's critical for the adults in the system to practice what's being preached in the classroom.

Those who think they can borrow freely forget that there are sharp-eyed readers, and listeners with good memories, in their audience. Good for Ridgefield High senior Paul Kim for bringing Ms. Baldwin's plagiarism to the attention of the school board.

A Ridgefield Press story has quoted Ms. Baldwin as saying in a follow-up letter to parents that “there is a community of practice among school leaders to share resources.” Sharing resources is one thing. Passing off another person's carefully crafted words as one's own is cheating. If educators do it, what's to stop students?


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It has been about ten years since the Palo Alto plagiarism incident. One suspects TechDirt would be a proponent
of the "sharing resources" thinking.

See the 2008 post on IPBiz,

TechDirt: plagiarism as re-imagination and collaboration


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