Sunday, February 11, 2018

Plagiarizing principal and Shakespeare?

The bottom line for a penalty for plagiarizing a graduation speech: a fine and compulsory attendance at a creative writing course:

The state this month ordered former principal Mark Stenner to pay a $750 fine and take a college-level course on creative writing after he admitted lifting large parts of someone else’s graduation speech.


Elsewhere, some allegations about Shakespeare; see Shakespeare stole from George North? How lucky for George North

On Thursday, literary clickbait broke in the New York Times that Shakespeare, a good poet, had been caught red-handed in some plagiaristic adventuring. (In London, this was gossip hot enough to hit the tabloids.) Using software designed to nab kids who crib from SparkNotes, Dennis McCarthy, a self-taught Shakespearean, found that the language and ideas from an obscure 1576 manuscript pervade some of Shakespeare's most famous plays, including the "Now is the winter of our discontent" soliloquy, from "Richard III."


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