Sunday, February 11, 2018

CBS Sunday Morning on 11 Feb 2018 does crash dummy inventor Sam Alderson

In its almanac feature on February 11, Sunday Morning profiled Samuel W. Alderson, who died February 11, 2005 at age 90.

Alderson's father owned a sheet metal shop, which vocation would play a role in Alderson's development. Alderson studied for a Ph.D. under Oppenheimer and Lawrence at UC/Berkeley, but did not obtain his degree. After a stint at IBM involving a prosthetic arm, Alderson founded his own company in 1952, to create dummies to test the safety of airplane ejection seats. By 1968, he had created the VIP, a dummy for automobile accidents. Alderson later created medical phantoms, designed to measure radiation exposure.

Of patents, see for example, US 2580987 titled " Electrically operated artificial arm for above-the-elbow amputees " and US 3010223 titled "Human equivalent dummy," filed September 2, 1959. [See also "Timeline of United States inventions (1946–91) " at ipfs.]

On September 13, 1899: Henry Bliss becomes the first pedestrian known to be killed by an automobile in North America. Less than ten years later, on September 17, 1908, Thomas Selfridge was the first aircraft fatality. [The world's first road traffic death involving a motor vehicle is alleged to have occurred on August 31, 1869. Irish scientist Mary Ward died when she fell out of her cousins' steam car and was run over by it. ]


The cover story on February 11 was The growing acceptance of autism in the workplace

Moment of Nature: Culebra (Puerto Rico)

**Separately, over at NBC:

The network responded on Saturday by having anchor Carolyn Manno read a statement:

“During our coverage of the Parade of Nations on Friday we said it was notable that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made the trip to Korea for the Olympics, “representing Japan, a country which occupied Korea from 1910 to 1945 but every Korean will tell you that Japan is a cultural, technological and economic example that has been so important to their own transformation.” We understand the Korean people were insulted by these comments and we apologize.”

**Separately, Major Garrett did a good job on "Face the Nation" on 11 Feb 2018

See Transcript: OMB Director Mick Mulvaney on "Face the Nation," Feb. 11, 2018


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