Saturday, January 20, 2018

Copyright infringement case over “The Rest of Our Life”

The Independent discusses a recent copyright infringement case involving the song “The Rest of Our Life”.

Of note in the text:

Carey and Golden filed a lawsuit in New York last week accusing Sheeran and his co-writers of “wilful copyright infringement”


The complaint says that during a studio writing session, Rae, who is named as a co-writer on “When I Found You” but is not named amongst the plaintiffs, mentioned a fan had tweeted at her about the similarities between the two songs. It goes on to note that Sheeran was “touring extensively in Australia” when Rae’s song was enjoying success on Australian radio stations. [going to possible evidence of access. Compare CA7 case involving the BeeGees.]

[AND NOTE as to possible knowledge of copying]

The reason for Rae’s absence from the suit is, according to Carey and Golden, because her boyfriend – a marketing manager for Sony Music who was involved in promoting Sheeran’s “The Rest of Our Life” in Australia – was aware of similarities between the songs for more than two months before its release.

LINK: Ed Sheeran hit with plagiarism lawsuit over song he co-wrote for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill


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