Thursday, December 21, 2017

An odd event in a retraction case

A post in Retraction Watch titled Author wins judgment against Elsevier in lawsuit over retraction describes
an interesting event, wherein a publisher was required to publish part of a court decision (from Spain, not the US) in the context of a retraction.

Within the post

In October, an appeals court in Spain determined that Delibes and his co-authors had been “falsely accused of plagiarism and misappropriation of data.”

On Dec. 14, Elsevier published a note that began:

Following legal action taken by Dr Miguel Delibes, who objected to the retraction, the Sevilla Court of Appeals requires us to publish the following paragraph – contained in its ruling of October 9th 2017 – in relation to the first version of the retraction which was corrected in October 2011.


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