Friday, November 10, 2017

Old plagiarism incident at Vanderbilt Law re-surfaces

A post at the Boston Globe titled State Street CEO-designate says law school plagiarism was a ‘very big mistake’ has an interesting account of plagiarism at the Vanderbilt Law School.

Within, one has text:

In 1983, O’Hanley withdrew from Vanderbilt University Law School after admitting to plagiarism as editor-in-chief of the Vanderbilt Law Review in his third year. It was a mistake O’Hanley, 60, now says he deeply regrets.


Even as O’Hanley’s career advanced, there has been little mention of the plagiarism incident, to the surprise of some classmates. A May 1983 National Law Journal story said O’Hanley plagiarized parts of an article on the legal protection known as double jeopardy written by an attorney who had attended Vanderbilt as an undergraduate.


In a 2006 speech at Vanderbilt, one of O’Hanley’s classmates, Paul Atkins — a commissioner with the Securities and Exchange Commission at the time — cited the matter without naming O’Hanley. He called it a “wrenching, blatant case of plagiarism.”


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