Monday, June 26, 2017

The Atlantic on plagiarism: garden variety stuff?

Covering the Jay Solomon matter, the Atlantic wrote:

Journalism scandals are all too common: Reporters are as fallible as the practitioners of
any other profession, and because the press loves to cover itself, such stories receive great attention.
But typically they’re of the garden variety—plagiarism, dishonesty, fabrication.

The story of Jay Solomon is in an entirely different league. Solomon, until Wednesday [21 June 2017]
The Wall Street Journal’s chief foreign-affairs correspondent, apparently considered
becoming involved in business deals with a source who has worked for the CIA—and in particular,
Solomon was asked to take a proposal for hundreds of millions of dollars to the government
of the United Arab Emirates, according to the Associated Press. He was offered a 10 percent
stake in Denx, a company owned by the Iranian-born mogul Farhad Azima, the AP reports,
though there’s no evidence Solomon ever took it.



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