Sunday, June 04, 2017

CBS Sunday Morning on June 4, 2017 does the invention of the shopping cart on June 4, 1937

Jane Pauley hosted the June 4, 2017 episode of CBS Sunday Morning with the cover story by Rita Braver on 37 years of AIDS. The second story mentioned was Tracy Smith on Golden Boys, about 90 year old comedians. Third, Anthony Mason on Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd. Luke Burbank on the 750 miles Race to Alaska.

The headlines started with the London Bridge terrorism attack with Teresa May saying "enough is enough."

The almanac feature was on Sylvan Goldman sending out the world's first shopping cart at a Humpty Dumpty supermarket store in Oklahoma City on June 4, 1937. An initial embodiment was a basket on the seat of a folding chair with wheels on the legs, under the name "folding basket carrier." Note US Patent 2434998, which issued in 1948, with first claim:

A foldable wheeled carrier comprising a pair of spaced side frames, lazy tongs connecting the side frames together so that said frames may be moved toward or away from each other in parallel relation, a basket supporting grid removably mounted on the tops of the frames, cooperating means on the grid and frames for aiding in retaining the frames in spaced relation, a hollow handle bar, a bracket secured to each frame and extending upwardly therefrom, means pivotally connecting one end of the hollow bar on one end of one bracket and means slidably connecting the other end of the hollow bar with the other bracket.


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