Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Bob Dylan copied parts of his Nobel speech from Sparknotes?

Various news outlets have written about alleged plagiarism by Bob Dylan in his
Nobel acceptance speech. Fox News reported:

Bob Dylan has been accused of lifting portions of his Nobel Prize lecture from SparkNotes.

Dylan discussed three books that had the biggest impact on his life including Herman Melville's "Moby Dick." He quoted a passage from the novel – the only problem is the passage does not appear in Melville’s book -- but it does in SparkNotes.

SparkNotes is a website that offers students looking for shortcuts on major works of literature among other topics.

link to FoxNews:

This would not be Dylan's first brush with plagiarism. In 2012, IPBiz had a post

Dylan: Wussies and pussies complain about that stuff.

quoting from CBS News post -- Bob Dylan calls plagiarism accusers "wussies"

link to IPBiz post:


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