Sunday, May 07, 2017

CBS Sunday Morning on May 7, 2017

Jane Pauley introduced the stories for May 7, with the cover story by Lee Cowan on prostitution. Also noted, Mo Rocca on Lucy Liu, Seth Doane on slow images, Anthony Mason on Diane Lane, Pauley on Condoleeza Rice, and Rita Braver on Marc Chagall (and music).

The headlines were the French election, release of girls in Abuja, Nigeria, the death of the then-oldest US Olympian, Adolph Kiefer, Kentucky Derby winner Always Dreaming seen by crowd of 158,000.

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day.

Lee Cowan's story started on Aurora Avenue in Seattle, a city which emphasizes punishing the buyers/customers of prostitution. Peter Holmes. Nordic model. Prostituion is $32 billion per year business. Buyer beware model vs. zero tolerance model (crack down on everyone). Sheri's Ranch in Nevada.

The Almanac feature was May 7, 1925, the date of death of William Lever of Lever Brothers, later Unilever. Sunlight Soap. Lifebuoy.
Knorr Soup, Lipton, Ben and Jerry, Hellman's. Of relevance to IP (but not mentioned) was the lawsuit brought over Hampton Creek's "Just Mayo" products being falsely advertised because they did not contain eggs. The PatSnap blog noted the following about patent strategy:

Using PatSnap Insights, we were able to see the abandonment/renewal rate for Unilever and its number one competitor, P&G. In the graph below it is clearly visible that P&G is in a defense mode by letting its patents go whereas Unilever is in a growth mode by keeping hold of its patents. From this we can extrapolate that Unilever keeps on top of their Intellectual Property portfolio and renews most of their patents when they are approaching expiration.

Seth Doane's piece on "slow" included a reference to a "moment of nature" piece on Bighorn sheep at Jackson Hole as an example of slow tv.

Of note was an ad (in the Philly area) for Joe Khan, noting Khan "studied law under Barack Obama."

Anthony Mason on Diane Lane. Colleen Farrington, Miss October in 1957. La Momma. At 13, Runaways. "A Little Romance." Cover of TIME magazine at age 14. "The Outsiders," "The Cotton Club."


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