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Rosie Hamlin, author of "Angel Baby," died on March 30, 2017

The lead singer of Rosie & the Originals, Rosie Hamlin, died Thursday (March 30th, 2017) at the age of 71. There were some IP issues related to her hit song "Angel Baby."

from wikipedia on Rosalie "Rosie" Méndez Hamlin , the author of "Angel Baby":

The song received positive reactions from teenage listeners, and a scout from Highland Records offered the group a recording contract, under the condition that the company take possession of the master recording, and that David Ponce be named as the author of the song, as he was the eldest member of the group.

"Angel Baby" made its radio debut in November 1960, before the group had even received their contract. When the contract finally came, Hamlin found that she was ineligible to collect record royalties from the song because she was not listed as the songwriter. This led to the group's break-up, and although Hamlin secured the copyright to her music in 1961, decades of battles over royalties followed.


Songfacts includes the following information:

Rosie Hamlin wrote this when she was 14 years old. It began as a poem about a boyfriend, and was based on "Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)" by The Penguins.


Immediately after writing this, Rosie certified-mailed herself a copy so that it would be legally dated, a wise move in view of the legal mess later created by Highland Records.


For publicity, the group went to Kresge's in San Diego and took advantage of a then-standard feature of variety stores - the preview or listening booth in the record department. They received permission to play this in the booths so teens shopping for records could hear it. The response was overwhelmingly positive. A scout for Highland Records was in the store and immediately offered them a contract.

Highland Records took possession of the master as a condition of the contract, and talked Rosie into allowing Ponci instead of herself to be named on the contract as "Angel Baby"'s composer. None of the promised royalties were paid, for this or any other recording the band made for Highland.


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