Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mural of Michelle Obama by Chris Devins in Chicago draws plagiarism charge from Gelila Mesfin

There seems to be a mural in Chicago that was based on something from Pinterest, with the mural done without crediting the original source.

The quotation below (from cw33) suggests that credit, rather than money, may be the primary driver in this dispute.

From :

Devins says he wasn't aware of the art student's work until someone mentioned it to him. Devins also says he was inspired when he saw a picture on Pinterest -- a picture that just so happened to be that of Mesfin's work.

Coincidence or not, Mesfin responded to the mural on Instagram:

"How can you just steal someone's artwork... Someone's hard work and claim it like it's yours. It’s one thing to share or even profit from someone's work but to claim it as yours is just wrong!"



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