Sunday, April 09, 2017

Mellody Hobson does The Money Issue of CBS Sunday Morning on 9 April 2017

Mellody Hobson, not Jane Pauley, hosted The Money Issue on 9 April 2017. The overview included Tracy Smith on robots, John Blackstone on Jaclyn Smith, Barry Petersen on the pizza rat video, and Susan Spenser on stories of entrepreneurs.

Meg Oliver did the news headlines and weather. The news was on Syria, Pope Francis (on bombings in Alexandria and Tate), Delta Airlines, Masters.

There was a screen saying about half of the baby boomers have saved less than $100,000.

The cover story of The Money Issue was by David Pogue on automation. The story began with a self-driving truck and mentioned Starsky Robotics and Otto/Uber. Burton Ford was interviewed. Zume Pizza. Black Rock replacing stock pickers. 47% of current jobs will be replaced by automation in short order. MIT's David Autor noted that 40% of Americans were in agriculture in 1900 but we adapted to the change.

Anna Werner did credit card points. Brian Kelly on Points with a Crew. Brian Kelly The Points Guy.

Susan Spenser's first story was on Aaron Muderick and Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty.Super Magnetic Putty, Super Illusion Putty, Clear putty. An interesting break came when he added a black pigment to putty (iron oxide) and observed the magnetic properties.

A screen on the show asserted that Massachuseets was the most innovative state in the nation. [California?]

Mo Rocca on Kitto Katto. Japanese consumers prefer mild flavors, like green tea or butter. Kit Kat kismet. Kitto Katsu means you surely will win. Edible talisman. Thus, the trademark adds a message to the product apart from the product's ingredients.

John Blackstone on Jacklyn Smith's clothing line for KMart. If you do branding for the paycheck, walk away. 32 years of celebrity branding. 1985. Charlies Angels began in 1976. Giggle TV. Compared to today, Angels was a nursey rhyme. Smith did Camay, Listerine, Woolite. Projecting on camera. Breck commercial led to McCloud appearance. Household name opened up doors. Her name was as important as the product. Max Factor issue with KMart. Not right match for image. BUT KMart wanted Smith's ideas. Smith decided to go with KMart. Short jackets. Brand has 80% recognizability. 100 million people have bought Smith products. But Sears warns of problems with Sears future. Every retailer is now worried about future. A Texas girl never talks about money.
Dean Reynolds. Blanchardville, Wisconsin. cookie dough. Iaaue: can't sell homemade cookies in retail. Wisconsin and New Jersey ban the sale of home baked goods.

Dean Reynolds. On location in Blanchardville Wisconsin. Both Wisconsin and New Jersey ban the sale of home baked goods.
An argument is health issues. Erica Smith, Institute for Justice: it does not make sense to impose the same rules on Hostess as on home bakers.

Maria Hinojosa on bodegas. Huevo con queso. The heart of a bodega is the person behind the counter. Picture of good luck dollar bills. But poor neighborhoods suffer from diabetes and obesity. There is only enough room in bodegas for things that sell.
The bodega food pyramid. Higher education in bodega. About 14.4% of business owners in US are immigrants.

Susan Spenser on the hater dating app. Mutual dislikes are better indicator of compatibility than mutual likes. Man buns. Now, 350000 users. Online dating is $2 billion industry. Dopamine rush of getting a match. Hate may be the first step to lasting love.

Tony Dokoupil on Renee Byer. One out of nine people on earth gets by on less than $2 per day. Byer worked at Sacramento Bee, and took time off.

Mellody talks to John Dickerson. And next week a tour of the treasures of the Vatican.

Nature. Sharks in water off of the Bahamas. Piece not captioned "moment of nature." No sponser.

Mellody concludes with please join Jane Paulley next week.


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