Friday, March 03, 2017

Plagiarism, faked data in the biofuels area

RetractionWatch has an interesting piece on the retraction of a paper in the biofuels area:

the retraction notice for “Oleaginous yeast-based production of microbial oil from volatile fatty acids obtained by anaerobic digestion of red algae (Gelidium amansii),” published in the Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering in April 2016 and retracted in January:

The Editors of the Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering have retracted this paper on request of the senior named author, Professor Jong Moon Park. The paper was written and submitted to KJCE by the corresponding author, Tsolmonbaatar Batbileg, former student of Prof Park, without the knowledge or permission of Prof Park. The second named author, Dr Xu Xu, was also unaware of the writing or submission of the manuscript. The paper contained fabricated data and a substantial amount of material plagiarised from the following published articles: Production of biodiesel from carbon sources of macroalgae, Laminaria japonica Bioresource Technology 169 (2014) 455–461 Xu Xu, Ji Young Kim, Yu Ri Oh, Jong Moon Park Bioconversion of volatile fatty acids from macroalgae fermentation into microbial lipids by oleaginous yeast Chemical Engineering Journal 264 (2015) 735–743 Xu Xu, Ji Young Kim, Hyun Uk Cho, Hye Rim Park and Jong Moon Park Professor Park apologizes to the readers of KJCE for the unethical actions of Mr Batbileg.

One remembers some of the confusion in the Hwang Woo Suk matter, in which it was not clear that the senior author was aware of all the underlying facts of the papers published in the journal Science.

link to post in retractionwatch:


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