Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Monica Crowley speaks on plagiarism charges

Monica Crowley to Sean Hannity in March 2017: “What happened to me was a despicable, straight-up, political hit job, OK?”

Accusations of plagiarism against high profile people tend to be politically motivated. The various SIU matters were politically motivated; the Biden/Kinnock business was politically motivated, etc.

There remains the issue of whether there was copying without attribution.

Not much has come out about the Crowley Ph.D. thesis. But recall from USA Today College:

USA TODAY College reached out to Columbia for comment on the Crowley case. In response, Robert Hornsby, associate vice president for media relations at Columbia, e-mailed this statement:

“We have no comment on Monica Crowley’s dissertation, which was submitted in 2000 and is publicly available. The University’s process for addressing concerns raised about University research preserves the confidentiality of any review, and even the fact of a review’s existence is confidential while it is underway. Columbia is committed to upholding the very highest standards of integrity and credibility in academic research.”


**One recalls lyrics from "Master Jack":

It's all very interesting the way you disguise
But I'd like to see the world through my own eyes

**Among news stories about Crowley / Hannity, see


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