Sunday, March 19, 2017

CBS Sunday Morning on 19 March 2017

The initial story was an homage to Chuck Berry done by Anthony Mason. Included within was an old videoclip of Charles Osgood interviewing Berry. The cover story was on who is the happiest country done by Faith Salie. The happiest country was deemed to be Denmark, termed a "social democracy." The key terms were hygge and "law of Jante." Salie noted that Denmark also has the highest cancer rate in the world. The almanac feature was March 19, 1982, the day Argentinian forces occupied South Georgia. The clip also featured the days April 2, April 25 (South Georgia retaken), the sinking of the Belgrano (which as a previous US ship had survived Pearl Harbor) and of the Sheffield. Almanac presented an old clip on the story done by Martha Teichner. The clip ended with sound and fury signifying the status quo. There was a piece on Marie Kondo with her trademark "spark joy."

Serena Alschul did a piece on Betsey Johnson, who made clothes which were viewed as a little costume. Lee Cowan on a museum on the (past) lights of Las Vegas. Mo Rocca on Mario Andretti, with clips of Nazareth, PA. Martha Teichner on the food of Ireland. Jim Gaffigan on winter sports.

The headlines for March 19 included FBI director Comey, Paris Orly Airport, mudslides in Peru, and Villanova losing in college basketball.

Moment of Nature was Organ Pipe National Monument.

Update. Sadly, "Sunday Morning's" report on Denmark quickly became "stale news."

Denmark ousted as world’s happiest nation

Norwegians nip past Danes as Nordics lead the pack



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