Sunday, January 08, 2017

Richardson's catch in Seahawks/Lions game on 7 January 2017

From the post on titled Incredible Seahawks TD catch
shouldn’t have counted as refs reportedly say they goofed

Only one problem. Replays showed that Richardson had his right hand
on Wilson’s facemask, pulling it backward, while Richardson was making
the catch with his left hand. Impressive, but also illegal.
Alas, it went uncalled. NBC’s Michele Tafoya reported before the start
of the third quarter that the referees told Lions head coach Jim Caldwell
flat out that “they missed the call.” So basically, the potential catch
of the season should have been a penalty. Whoops.

On the live NBC commentary, there was initial talk of defensive
pass interference, until the commentators realized Richardson caught the ball. Later,
the tv guys noticed that Richardson had grabbed the face mask of
Tavon Harris (before contacting the ball). The commentators then
talked about offsetting penalties. Not clear that the only penalty was simply the
face mask.

As in law, the debate about this might be endless.

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