Sunday, January 22, 2017

CBS Sunday Morning on 22 January 2017

Jane Pauley introduced the stories for January 22, 2017, which featured events related to the inauguration of January 20.

Ben Tracey did a piece on McDonalds, a trendy subject with the movie "The Founder." The piece noted the existence of Richard and Maurice "Mac" McDonald who opened a drive-in burger restaurant in San Bernardino, California. The piece did discuss that the McDonalds developed techniques to create "fast food" and might be deemed the inventors of such concept.

As to innovation, the piece had text:

“I didn’t really understand completely how the McDonald brothers had created fast food as we know it today,” said the film’s director, John Lee Hancock. “It wasn’t just a gimmick; this was world-changing.

The piece noted the ambiguity in who might be deemed the founder of McDonald's.

Within the piece:

Tracy said, “The title of the movie, you’re being a little cheeky.”

“It’s intentionally misleading, I would say, yeah!” laughed Hancock. “What’s your definition of a founder? Is it someone who has the idea, or someone who expands the idea?

Of the topic of "founder", historyvshollywood states:

For years, McDonald's celebrated Founder's Day by honoring "founder Ray Kroc." However, in 1991, the company decided to honor the McDonald brothers in addition to Kroc. "They are founders, they founded the concept," said Fred Turner, McDonald's then senior chairman. "Ray Kroc founded the company that developed that concept into the largest food service organization in the world" (Sun Journal).

The Tracey piece included footage of the McDonald's in Downey, CA, the third McDonald's overall and the oldest surviving McDonalds. Kroc's own first McDonald's restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois was the ninth restaurant overall.

The Tracey piece did not get into the fate of the first McDonald's. Historyvshollywood notes:

Kroc wasn't aware that the [1961] agreement excluded the original restaurant, but the McDonald brothers insisted it did. He became furious and since he now owned the [trademark] rights to the McDonald's name, he forced Dick and Mac McDonald to rename the restaurant "The Big M." Kroc then opened a brand new McDonald's a block away and after six years, it put The Big M out of business.

The almanac featured the birthday of Sam Cooke, January 22nd, 1931 and discussed his sad end.

The moment of nature did "short eared owls" from New Hudson, NY. "Ears" on owls are tufts of feathers that resemble mammal ears.


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