Sunday, January 15, 2017

CBS Sunday Morning on 15 January 2017, the Sunday before the inauguration

The cover story was done by Martha Teichner, giving an analysis of the Obama presidency. Michelle Miller on Jackie Evancho, who will be singing at the inauguration. Lee Cowan on Viola Davis, who noted praise doesn't always last (or bring employment). Chip Reed on Ruth Westheimer. Rita Braver on inaugural gowns. Faith Salie on Eric Fanning, the outgoing Army Secretary.

The first mentioned news item was the ice storm in the midwest, from Oklahoma to Illinois. Trump on Lewis. Jennifer Holliday, of Broadway musicals "Dreamgirls" and "Your Arms Too Short to Box with God," backs out of performing at the inauguration. Ringling Brothers circus going out of business after 146 years. SpaceX launch.

A streaming fact: 6 million signed petition for Martin Luther King holiday.

Martha Teichner's cover story prominently featured known plagiarist Doris Kearns Goodwin. Goodwin noted that, although
unpopular on leaving office, Truman and Johnson were treated well by history and suggested history would be kind to Obama. The power of the symobolism of Obama was noted.

Of the design of inaugural gowns, contemplate also text from Roger Martin : A design thinker can draw on both the traditional forms of analytical thinking -- inductive and deductive logic (...) If you can go to designers and create private-label versions of sweaters and shirts and the like, you can get customers to buy something without comparison. They don’t have any comparison reference, but it’s a great design and is much lower priced than a similar thing at Nordstrom.
IPBiz notes: but recall how the Martha Stewart/KMart deal worked out.
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Bill Plant, now retiring, did a piece on White House photographer Pete Souza.

A short piece on St. Paul's Chapel of Trinity Church, Manhattan.

The moment of nature continues to be more generically described, this time in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.
Whistling swans (also known as tundra swans) are found in the area of Whitesbog Village. Whistling swans don't actually whistle, and simply over-winter in the Pine Barrens.

Sunday Morning moment of nature did the Pine Barrens about one year ago on 21 Feb. 2016:


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