Monday, December 26, 2016

Fitbit drops 337 ITC case against Jawbone

Aaron Pressman of Fortune has reported that Fitbit dropped its ITC patent case against its financially-ailing competitor Jawbone.
Much of the earlier wrangling had led to invalidity of various patents on both sides.

Jawbone seems to be planning an antitrust claim against Fitbit; from a statement on 24 Dec 2016: "Fitbit's pursuit of these baseless claims for so long was to burden Jawbone–an issue to be raised in Jawbone's anti-trust claim against Fitbit."

The issue of invalid (as distinct from unenforceable) claims, in an antitrust context, has been the subject of a thread on linkedin.
(Steve Ngo posing the question: Can a Patent be Invalidated (because of Fraud or Unclean Hands) thru the USPTO?)

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