Saturday, October 29, 2016

The connection of the early aircraft industry to Lee Harvey Oswald

In 1914, Lawrence Dale Bell had been shop foreman for the Glenn L. Martin Company. In 1916, the Martin Company merged with the Wright Company to form Wright-Martin. Wright-Martin competed with the Curtiss Company for government contracts. One of the last projects of the Curtiss Company was the Curtiss-Bleecker Helicopter, work for which was abandoned in 1933. Lawrence Dale Bell founded Bell Aircraft in 1935.

In 1941, Arthur Middleton Young was issued the key rotor stabilizer bar patent, assigned it to Bell and moved to Buffalo to work with them.

The first claim of US Patent 2,256.635:

In an aircraft, a bladed rotor, a rotor support, means for mounting said rotor for rotation on said support and for universal inclination of the plane of the rotor relative to the rotor support, and means for adjusting the aerodynamic incidence of the blades individually including means for controlling the aerodynamic incidence of a given blade by the change in inclination of the blade ahead of it relative ,to the rotor support.
Note also US 2,256,918.

In 1948, Young married Ruth Forbes Paine, and thereby became step-father to Michael Paine (then 20 years old).

Bell Aircraft Corporation created a Helicopter Division which moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 1951 and became Bell Helicopter Corporation.

Around 1958, Michael Paine became the husband of Ruth Hyde (Paine), and Michael Paine joined Bell Helicopter in 1958 and was employed there in 1963. Prior to joining Bell Helicopter, Michael Paine worked directly for Young.

Ruth Hyde Paine was housing Marina Oswald at the time of the Kennedy assassination. The famous picture of Lee Harvey Oswald holding a rifle was found in the Paine's garage.

**Of relevance to the recent action of the current FBI director (James Comey), Congressman Ron DeSantis observed:

"Had Comey not done this and something happened after she was potentially elected president, then he would have had a lot to answer for in Congress," he said. "I think it's unprecedented to have something this close to the election, but at the same time I think the American people just need to know kind of where the FBI is."


Back in 1963, the FBI was monitoring Lee Harvey Oswald, but the extent of "what happened" was withheld from the Warren Report. In March 1963, Agent James P. Hosty was ordered to keep Oswald under observation. Hosty visited the Paine house and talked to Marina. Lee Harvey Oswald went to the FBI office and asked to see Hosty. All of this was concealed from the Warren Commission.

Apart from the issue that the FBI knew about Oswald being in Dallas more than six months before the assassination in November 1963, the humor was that Hosty was trying to find out from Marina where Lee Harvey was, which caused Lee Harvey to march into the Dallas FBI headquarters and leave a note for Hosty. Hosty would come face to face with Oswald after the assassination of Kennedy and before Oswald's death.


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