Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ontario College of Teachers begins review of Spence plagiarism matter

IPBiz covered the Toronto / Spence plagiarism matter in 2013,
(see ). On October 21, 2016 the Toronto Sun ran a blistering followup in the post Ex top educator accused of plagiarism liked to be in Star

The piece in the Sun suggests the UToronto Ph.D. of Spence is now under review:

It wasn’t just a few words here or there, mistakenly ingested while rummaging through old research and then innocently repeated. This was someone with a U of T doctorate in education — that, too, is now under review — who blatantly copied other people’s phrasing over and over again.

One notes that it was merely a reader, not an academic, who first flagged Spence's plagiarism problem:

The newspaper’s public editor called Bird to let him know a reader had complained Spence’s piece had large sections copied from others, including the New York Times. Had he ever questioned Spence’s sources? “He has a doctorate and he was a published author. I wouldn’t think to ask him about sources,” Bird told the hearing.

As to "what happened after the plagiarism," Spence is alive and well in Chicago:

No wonder he didn’t show up. Spence — who now works as Chicago’s head of Social Services-Family Matters — betrayed the trust of students, colleagues and parents. If found guilty of professional misconduct, the serial plagiarizer should lose his licence to teach.

One recalls that Joe Biden, who was caught plagiarizing at Syracuse Law, went on to become Vice-President.


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