Monday, October 24, 2016

Bloomberg quotes former judge Davis on ED Texas and the "troll problem"

Although the Reuters article on Spears / Timberlake spoke disparagingly of ED Texas, note the text
at Bloomberg published about at the same time:

“The district has been the poster child for the ‘troll problem,”’ said retired
District Judge Leonard Davis, who served there from 2002 to 2015 and thinks
the criticism is unfair. “I think the ‘troll problem” would exist
even if we weren’t around. We’re trying to solve it and I think we’re making good progress.”

Note also

The number of patent lawsuits nationwide -- and in Texas -- is down this year,
according to analyst firm Lex Machina. Of the 3,376 lawsuits filed in the
first nine months, 35.4 percent were filed in the Eastern District,
compared to 43 percent of all new complaints a year ago.



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