Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 25, 2016: Last Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood. Jane Pauley named replacement.

The beginning of the special episode Celebrating Charlie included a sun with a bowtie. A different edition of Sunday morning. Last day of hosting. Black suit, white shirt. First up, Rita Braver tells Charlie: Relax. Almost fifty years at CBS; 22 at Sunday morning. Coming up: Charles Osgood on the air. Second, Anthony Mason on Charlie The Music Man. Third, Martha Teichner on Charlie making rhymes. Poetic license. Next. Mo Rocca on Charlie's ties. Tit to be Tied. Next, Lee Cowan. Charlie on French riviera. Charlie then says there's much more. On Celbrating Charlie. Charlie has written seven books. David Kelleher gives a personalized commercial to Charlie.
Tracy Smith. Almanac. January 8, 1933, Charles Osgood Wood born in New York City. One year later MaryAnn. Our Lady of Refuge in Bronx. Then Charlie's father transferred to Baltimore. Then, brother Ken. Clip of Charlie on Baltimore. 1942, age 9. Baseball and radio. World of war, and rationing. Happy in a terrible time. On Jan. 2, Japanese take Manila. June 4, Midway. Orioles, triple A team. BromoSeltzer Tower. 40 foot tall bottle. The Fizz. Charlie delivered the Baltimore Sun. Accuracy in journalism in throwing paper. In April, Maryann and C visited house on Edgewood Road. Charlie talks about Lone Ranger on radio. Edgar Bergen. The Shadow. American radio in 1940s. Shortstop for Orioles. Charlie found radio commercials entertaining. Piano lessons at Peabody Institute. 3404 Edgewood Road. The Happy Farmer was played by Charlie at recital. For a few minutes, let the rest of world go by.
Some good-byes, including from Scott Pelley and Lester Holt, with mention of "See you on the radio."
Clip of Charlie on Indianapolis 500. Woodstock of America. Hours of boredom, punctuated by moments of terror. Rita Braver story. Great American Elm tree. Being cold, on homeless. Take a closer look. Economics major at Fordham University. WGMS radio. News reporter job available. ABC. In 1967 joined CBS radio in NYC. In 1971, launched The Osgood File. Several stories a day in two minute segments. Short words, short sentences, short paragraphs. Mike Wallace: you went in the room like you were going to empty the waste basket. It's important that audience be comfortable. In 1994, Osgood took over from Kuralt. In the 22 years since, Cuba, architectural landmarks. Three Emmies. The feeling is not half bad.
Clip from CBS Morning crew.
Clips of Charlie with animals, including dog Tillie, geese, sheep. Easter chicks, donkey (ass). Serena Alschul on underground artist and painters. Keith Herring of Kutzdown, PA. 30 drawings per day in subways. Do one thing and do it well. They are fast, but it's a fast world. Art for the people, all for the price of subway token Keith Haring died of aids at age 31 in 1990. Kinsler and Tony Bennedetto (Tony Bennett). Everett Freeman Kinsler did "The Shadow". Portraits of Ford and Reagan. Portrait of Charlie in red bow tie.
Clip of interview with Chuck Berry. Slave station.
Anthony Mason on Charlie the Music Man. Sunday Morning has not needed a house band. In 1955, US Army band. Army band announcer. Eisenhower's personal disk jockey. Tribute in 1966 recorded by Everett Dirksen. Down through the years. Gallant Men was above "Wild Thing." And, Black is Beautiful. Nancy Wilson. Grand Old Opry in 2010. Played banjo at Boston Pops. Organ at Yankee Stadium Half piano/half zither. End every year with a Christmas carol. In 1995 story on anniversary of VE day. We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when. USMarineCorps band does "Gallant Men" in front of reflecting pool DC in tribute to Charlie.
Ellen shows clip of Charlie dancing.

Bill Flanagan on Charlie. Nancy Giles on Charlie. Your voice is like butter. David Pogue. David Edelstein. Childlike sense of wonder. Human capacity to grow and change. Ben Stein. Faith Salie. Miss most: his voice 72%. Bow tie 12%.
Martha Teichner on poetic license. Rhymes. Makers of Yuk vs. Makers of Slime. Some noise about toys. POSSLQ=person of opposite sex sharing living quarters. Theodor Geisel. Narrated Horton hears a who. American Academy of Poets. (poetic license).
David Letterman says he has seen all shows for 22 years. Mentions 12 year old son watching.
Awards. Six Emmy Three Peabody.
Mo Rocca on bow ties. In 1992, Meredith Viera undid his tie. In 2011, tied with Jimmy Fallon. First bow tie, in 1980s. 22 cents postage now. Harry Smith had bow tie. Not two guys with bow ties (Springer, CBS Pres). Perfect is the enemy of good. A little too perfect (pre-tied). Unfurling and then re-tieing. Tom Brokaw trying to do a purple bow tie. Brokaw: Oh hell Charles I can't do this.
Lee Cowan on Charlie's home on Riviera. Made conversation easy. All the words are wrong except for the right one. A lot of television is about ratings. But people watching show and getting satisfaction from it. Great to be part of something that people love. A place where leisure is cherished. Encourages you to be a bit lazy. Jean is Charlie's wife. A nap after lunch. The day sort of slips away. Concert grand piano. Bought the Steinway from CBS. Mitch Miller used this piano. First attempted date: basketball game. Married for 42 years. Pancakes for breakfast. Charlie still doing Osgood file.
Jan. 11, 2015 ; Feb. 2, 2002; Aug 31, 1997; Sept 16, 2001. Bill Geist. Yankees 1977-78. Julia Childs. 1983 on trucks. Lancaster County. 2000 on Moynihan. 1984 on Secretariat. 1982 on stock pits. 1978 on harmony.
2000 Chance of understanding not good. Typical radio guy, right?? On the "crawl". No crawl on Sunday morning.
Ted Koppel. Legal name is not Osgood. Osgood on Flare reports. June 1963. Charles Wood already existed in broadcast business. We'll see him on the old radio.
Sharing stage in 2003 with Boston Pops. Today, 5 musicians with Charlie on piano. I knew I'd be leaving but I didn't no when. So long, it's been good to know you. I've got to be drifting along. I'm going to miss Sunday Mornings with you. So long, it's been good to know you.
Leslie Moonves, and late night people say good-bye.
Successor to Charlie is Jane Pauley. Bowtie worn on Sept 25 will go to Smithsonian, along with 60 Minutes stop watch.
John Dickerson.
Pawtuxent River mouth is the last moment of nature with Charlie.
Jane Pauley in two weeks. As for me, I will see you on the radio.


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