Sunday, September 11, 2016

CBS Sunday Morning on September 11, 2016 quotes Ferrari: If you can dream it, you can do it.

Charles Osgood hosted the 9/11/2016 show on the 15th anniversary of the attacks. Lee Cowan does the cover story on the Smithsonian African-American Museum. Michelle Miller interviews Wendy Williams. Tracy Smith interview Demi Lovato. Martha Teichner does the 15th anniversary of 9/11. Anthony Mason on driving in style. Headlines: President Obama observed a moment of silence in the White House. Lanterns in Shanksville, PA. Hillary Clinton on "basket of deplorables." Major Garrett on Trump supporters. Hinckley released. Cease fire in Syria on 9/12. NFL season. Weather: northeast cools off. September 11 is decreed "Patriot Day."
The Lee Cowan story begins with Quincy Jones at the piano. Jones has 27 Grammies. Now, Jones is producing the dedication ceremony for the African-American Museum. Lonnie Bunch is the founding director. Sammy Davis' tap shoes when he was a baby. The museum has 11 galleries and 30,000 artifacts. The museum is over 400,000 square feet. The stools from the Woolworth lunch counter. PT Sterman biplane flown by Tuskegee Airmen. Chuck Berry's 1973 Cadillac. Jones was born in Chicago. Toured with Lionel Hampton. A bible belonging to Nat Turner. Mark Persons. As much as 80% of museum's artifacts were donated.
Almanac. Henry Hudson takes Manhattan. September 11, 1609. Hudson was looking for the northwest passage. Mannahatta. New Amsterdam in 1625.
Pulse. Favorite summer month. September 32%.
Anthony Mason on 19 classic automobiles to Frist Center for Visual Arts: Italy's contribution to car design. Wedge car, Stratos. Mark Scala. Berlinetta designed by Scalioni. Lincoln Indianapolis. Ken Gross. Lincoln was working on two seater coupe. Chrysler Guia Gilder. Lancia Stratos appeared in Michael Jackson's moon walk. Stratos is only 33 inches high. Lanzo Ferrari said: If you can dream it, you can do it.

Tracy Smith on Demi Lovato. First gold record in 2008. Speech at Democratic National Convention on bipolar disorder. At age 10, with Barney. Camp Rock: child actor to teen superstar. Unbreakable. "Inner Dude" Cast Centers. People Magazine noted on September 9, 2016:

In an interview with Tracy Smith for CBS Sunday Morning, the 24-year-old revealed that she co-owns CAST Centers, a Los Angeles mental health and wellness treatment center where she was a patient in 2013. When asked why she decided to partner with the organization, her answer was simple: "It just feels good!"


Death of Greta Zimmer Friedman at age 92. See also 2010 post on IPBiz:

Steve Hartman on goose Kyle at Lake Oswego outside of Portland, Oregon.

Michelle Miller on Wendy Williams. Say it like you mean it. Be prepared for people who judge. "Ask Wendy." My gift is fearlessly talking. She has 2.5 million viewers every day. Can't fool viewers for 8 years. She lives in Livingston, NJ. A foodie. Mink slippers. TMTFTL. Radio personna. Bill Cosby was an enemy in 1990. Interrogation of Whitney Houston in 1993. Breast implants. Cocaine addiction. Kevin Hunter. Historically black colleges.

The moment of nature was on Vortex Spring in Florida. Wikipedia notes: Vortex Spring is a cold, freshwater spring that produces approximately 28 million US gallons (110,000 m3) of water daily. The spring consists of a 200 ft (61 m) basin with sloping sides and an underground cave which links the spring to the Floridan aquifer.


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