Thursday, August 04, 2016

Former Richmond food critic comments on the exposed plagiarism

The plagiarizing food critic in Richmond sent out an open letter which said in part:

There is no excuse but there is an explanation.

I read every food writer’s words the minute they are available. I have alerts set on my phone and computer letting me know which days and which publications have food reviews or food related-news and content coming out. As a major fan-girl of Jonathan Gold’s, I carry his book in my purse. It’s filled with notes and highlighted passages. I have lines, quotes, filling my notebooks of people’s words that I love and am inspired by.

It was not intentionally deceitful or steal-y. But I sent it into the world, it is my fault and I am mortified.

What I have to say is, that in a flurry of desperation, time management, lack of good judgment, I unwittingly put someone else’s words into work under my name.

Did I have malicious intent? No.

Did I even recognize what I was doing was plagarism? I did not.

But to see now, that I have taken words from one of the people I most respect hurts my soul.


Here I am now. Staring down the proverbial faces of those who trusted me to put credible words in their publications. I’m staring down restaurant owners, chefs and servers who went on whatever roller coaster ride of emotions, from elation to anger, from reading my words. If they were positive, those words are sadly, invalidated. If negative, irrelevant to begin with.

I’m staring down a city of readers I have greatly disappointed.

And I stare at the person whose words I used as my own.

As a comment, Scott Edmonds wrote:

"Did I have malicious intent? No." The PIAPS defense. Otherwise known as, the "I didn't intend to maliciously drive over the girl on that bicycle" defense.

"Did I even recognize what I was doing was plagarism? I did not." Otherwise known as the "I didn't even recognize the fact that I was drunk when I killed her" excuse.

Did anyone at the RTD ask you to offer your definition of plagarism during your interview process?


Then everyone who interviewed you should be fired too.



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