Saturday, July 02, 2016

Plagiarism issue with "Billionaire's Road Map to Success” ??

An interesting plagiarism issue arises out of a story on Trump Institute by the New York Times, as later discussed by Fox News:

The 2006 Trump Institute instructional book contained material from a book in a set titled “Real Estate Mastery System,” published in 1995 by Success magazine. The plagiarized pages were discovered by the Democratic Super PAC American Bridge, The [New York] Times reported.

Trump Institute operators rented out hotel ballrooms across the country, promising students they would hear Trump's “wealth-creating secrets and strategies." Trump Institute was distinct from Trump University, which was a distance-learning business centered on making money in real estate.

The editor of the Trump Institute publication, Susan G. Parker, denied responsibility when contacted by the New York Times, and said a lawyer for Irene and Mike Milin, who were part owners of Trump Institute, provided her with background material for the book.

link to FoxNews story:

The Hill noted:

The Times compared an an excerpt from the Trump Institute's 2006 book, "Billionaire's Road Map to Success,” alongside the 1995 book, "Real Estate Mastery System: Mortgage and Finance,” and found a more than 100-word passage was lifted from the older book. The Democratic super-PAC American Bridge first noticed the similarity, according to the Times.


In this situation, who is guilty of copying without attribution and possible copyright infringement?


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