Thursday, June 16, 2016

The legacy of game five of the 1961 World Series

In a post titled THE MOST UNLIKELY PITCHERS TO CLINCH A WORLD SERIES , Paul Sullivan discusses Bud Daley in game five of the 1961 World Series.

As a few footnotes, Daley went from the Kansas City Athletics to the Yankees AFTER Finley took over (and was traded for a "goat" of the 1960 World Series, Art Ditmar), and Daley had a losing record (8-9; 17 games started (5th most on the team); 7 complete games;) for the 1961 regular season Yankees. Bob Turley, the hero of the 1958 World Series, was the only other pitcher on the 1961 Yankees with a losing record (3-5). Bill Stafford was the only Yankee starter with an ERA under 3.00. Had the Yankees not won game five, Stafford likely would have started game 6; the Yankees had won game 3 (which Stafford started) only by a score of 3-2 (on a Maris home run, one of only two hits for Maris in the 1961 Series).

The Yankees at game five were hurting: Mantle and Berra were not in the lineup, and Ford had been hurt. Daley's effort was major.


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