Sunday, May 08, 2016

Plagiarism matter in Alachua County, Florida

The school superintendent [Owen Roberts] self-published a book which apparently contained copied material not fully
attributed to source. One issue: is a self-published book to be held to academic norms?

From the Gainesville Sun:

Yet Roberts, who holds a doctorate in educational research and evaluation from the University of Miami, told The Sun that he didn't “know there were academic norms.” He seemed to suggest his book should be held to a different standard because he was just compiling research and his experiences, but didn't intend for the book to be used in a scholarly way.

Some questionable text caught the attention of IPBiz:

Part of the problem was that the book was self-published. An editor would have caught the sourcing issues, as School Board Chairwoman Eileen Roy suggested to The Sun.

There are many examples, already documented on IPBiz, wherein editors did NOT catch plagiarism, but readers did.
A diligent editor, checking for copying, and analyzing the situation, might be helpful, but there is little time.
And in the academic world, the thesis committee of Glenn Poshard did not catch his plagiarism. Same for the Army War College incident.



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