Sunday, May 29, 2016

CBS Sunday Morning on May 29, 2016: Memorial Day weekend

Charles Osgood introduced stories, noting Memorial Day weekend was well underway. Chris van Cleve did the cover story on road rage.1 in 3 people engage in road rage. Anthony Mason on the Monkees. Lee Cowan on reconciliation and return as to Japanese/World War II. Rita Braver on Jane Krakowski. Second Banana. Conor at Zion National Park. Headlines: Tropical Depression Bonnie--lots of rain. Heavy rain between Austin and Houston. Weather: 80s in northeast.

The road rage clip starts with an incident in Houston, Texas. AAA finds that half drivers think aggressive driving a problem. 1739 deaths. Mike McClosky is a professor at Temple University. Not like in grocery store, when someone cuts in express. 33.9 million Americans will hit the road this weekend. One in three drivers engage in some form of road rage. Examples with bicycle riders. In LA, ego is attached to vehicle. Blog: "L.A. Can't Drive" by Mike Chen. A lot of anger out there. To avoid rage: give yourself enough time to get to destination. Take a deep breath. Stevie van Arsdale works with ROARR (reaching out against road rage.

Second, Zion National Park. 1901, Muir's essay on national parks. 305 million saw national parks in 2015. Jeff Brady Bob at Zion National Park. Last five years 35$. Five national parks in Utah. The parks have become bucket list destinations. Last Memorial Day, Arches entrance shut down for two hours. Carrie Cahill of park service planning division. Possibility of permits or timed entry reservations.

Pulse: use of atomic bomb on Japan. 2015. 43% approve 44% disapprove

Almanac. May 29, 1914. Liner Empress of Ireland crashed in the St. Lawrence River. Empress sank in just 14 minutes. 1012 people lost their lives. Timewise, sandwiched between the Titanic and Lusitania disasters. Wikipedia notes: The ship reached Pointe-au-Père, Quebec (or Father Point) near the town of Rimouski in the early hours of 29 May 1914, where the pilot disembarked. Empress of Ireland resumed a normal outward bound course of about N76E, and soon sighted the masthead lights of Storstad, a Norwegian collier, on her starboard bow at several miles distant.

Rita Braver interviews Jane Krakowski. She even roller skates. 1963 show revival of "She Loves Me." She is now 47. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt ( Jacqueline White, ). The Barn Theater near Parsippany, NJ. Played "Tiny Tim." At 14, famous line in Vacation. Jane prides herself on her "Jersey Moxie." Played in Starlight Express. In 1997, Ally McBeal (Elaine Vassal ). The face bra.

Osgood on lifeguards. Our superheros by the shore. 95,000 rescues last year. Headley and Jeffries first lifeguards in 1893.

Osgood notes Obama visit to Japan. Lee Cowan talks about return of flags. Glenn Stockdale of Billings, Montana. His son Terry went through his footlocker, and found Japanese flags. Send flags back to Japan. Father Glenn said no. Leland Bud Lewis. 41st infantry division. Returning the flags as closure; you can't keep hating people. Keko in Washington, obone. So far, re-united about 60 flags. Yosoguso Kishi was owner of a Stockdale flag. Terry wanted to deliver flag personally in Japan. "Their father coming home."

Steve Hartman on Viet Nam veteran. John Colone. February 19, 1968. Shot three times and put in body bag. Curtis Washington. Tested the plantar reflex. John Cologne came back from the dead. 8 soldiers in platoon died that day. Now, John is asking others to adopt a Viet Nam veteran.

Anthony Mason on the Monkees. Peter Tork heard about audition from Stephen Stills, who was passed over. Brought the force of their characters. Monkees butted heads with Don Kirschner. This is the record; we don't need you. Fans wanted to see the Monkees live.
Third album, Headquarters, was their own. The pre-fab four. Like Leonard Nimoy really becoming a Vulcan. Nesmith started his own band. Tork did so in Connecticut. Dolenz and Tork are on tour for the 50th anniversary. New record is called "Good Times." Davy was the youngest, and went first. Daydream Believer. We'll tour until one of us drops, and then the other will tour as the Monkee.

Jan Crawford on Mitch McConnell. The face of obstruction? Book: "The Long Game." For most of us, success is the long road.
Had polio as a child. At age 13, moved to Louisville. "McConnell for President." Forty years in elective office. Alma mater: University of Louisville. Married Chao in 1993 on Ronald Reagan's birthday. McConnell says: This is no where near the most divisive period in American history. There are constraints. McConnell has warm words for Biden. Of Obama, it is grating to be lectured to. McConnell will not budge on Garland nomination. McConnell is now 74 years old. America is full of stories like mine. America is full of opportunities for those who don't quit.

David Edelstein on Alice, a big nothingburger. Movie: Weiner, on his mayoral bid. More like the Titanic. It's horrible, but you have got to watch. He is not a confident liar. Oscar Wilde: gossip made tedious by morality. "Really creepy."

Tuesday: Villanova basketball team at White House. Friday: Matt Damon gives commencement address at MIT.

Next week: James Patterson.

Moment of nature not mentioned, but we leave you at Marietta National Cemetery

One recalls another May 29 anniversary:

On May 29, 1922, the United States Supreme Court ruled that organized baseball was not a business, but rather a sport, and thus did not violate antitrust laws.

In terms of issues about "venue selection," the plaintiff Federal League selected the court of Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, because of his reputation as a trust buster, but not considering that Landis was a big fan of the Chicago Cubs.

Also, on May 29, 1894, the guitar-zither was patented as US 520651.

Anton Karas used a concert zither for the theme in the 1949 movie The Third Man.

**Of something that happened on May 29, 2016

Vice President Joe Biden and former House Speaker John Boehner were both present at Notre Dame University's commencement ceremony on May 29 during which they shared the 2016 Laetare Medal.


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