Sunday, May 15, 2016

CBS Sunday Morning on May 15, 2016

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for May 15, 2016. The news headlines started with the bus crash near Laredo, Texas.

Osgood introduced the cover story by Mark Strassman on gender/bathroom issues. North Carolina public bathrooms. Match the gender on their birth certificate. Obama: the laws that they passed there are wrong. How to balance privacy and equality. McGrory sued the federal government. A court rather than a federal agency should tell the state what the law requires. 34 states have proposed bathroom bills. Free exercise of religion law passed under Clinton in 1993. . Marcie Hamilton of UPenn Law on RIFRA. Arlene's Flowers in Richland, Washington. Ingersoll asked for flowers for gay wedding. Alliance Defending Freedom. Are there rights to discriminate? Joaquin Cartena in North Carolina.

Almanac. May 15, 1923. Listerine mouth wash trademark was awarded on May 15, 1923. 1920 advertising campaign. "never a bride" Ringworm . Dandruff. Now, Listerine is made by Johnson and Johnson.[Thus, Almanac relates to intellectual property.]

Milepost. Money left behind at airport security totaled more then $765K last year.

Postcard from Morocco by Jonathan Vigliotti Elixir. 80 miles west of Mrracksh is Essaouira. Argan oil. Goats in trees. Goats eat nuts; nuts have to be collected by hand. 40 hours of work to make one liter of oil. Liquid gold. One liter of oil sells for $300.

Fred Newman interviewed by Jane Pauley. Dolphins doing the Gettysburg Address. Lives in Connecticut. Grew up in LaGrange, GA in the 1950s. Doug from the 1990s. Grog swallowing a wedding band. Practical Magic.

CBS noted the deaths of William Schallert, Mark Lane, Susanah Jones.

Lee Cowan on Dylan Rizzo in just keep goin'. At age 19, Dylan hit black ice and ran into a telephone pole. Taken to Mass. Gen. Hospital. Was in vegetative state. Spaulding Rehabilitatve Hospital: issue of too quick judgment on vegetative statee. Lynnfield.
Suggestion that 15% in vegetative state may recover.

Steve Hartman in Daytona Beach. Girly-girl 101.

Rita Braver on Rachel Maddow. Lead in drinking water. TRMS special report. Her goal: to make you really listen. Story telling is fun for me. First openly gay American to host a national news show. Maddow graduated from Stanford. Lives in Manhattan apartment. By 2005, hosted show on Air America. Leads staff meeting like a general planning a battle. Top rated show on MSNBC. The universe giving a one finger salute.

Mo Rocca will be the MC of the National Geography Bee on May 27, 2016.

Heads Together. May 17: Ireland 100. May 18: visit your relatives day. May 19: Smokey Robinson. May 20: Ferris-Fest May 21: Obama off to Asia, including Hiroshima.

Next week on Sunday Morning. Vanderbilt cottage in Newport, RI.

Moment of Nature: Beavers in western NY state. Woods Nature Preserve


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