Sunday, May 08, 2016

CBS Sunday Morning on 8 May 2016

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Mothers Day, May 8, 2016. The cover story was "never say never" by Serena Altschul on mothers over 40 years of age. John Blackstone on Keith Urban. Lee Cowan on Allison Jenney. Rita Braver on Bei Bei the panda.
Mo Rocca on George Hodgeman of Bettyville. Conor Knighton on the Petrified Forest.

News for May 8. The fire at Ft. McMurray in Alberta, Canada. Sadiq Khan, mayor of London.

The cover story --Never say never-- began with a clip of Ayala Donchin of Evelyn's Kitchen, a mother at 45. [The Evelyn's Kitchen website mentions the appearance on CBS Sunday Morning, an interesting cross-branding.] There was mention of 8443 mothers who were 45 or more years old. There were interviews with Susan Newman, and Joanne Stone of Mt. Sinai, and Susan Willis.

The almanac was May 8, 1987, when Gary Hart dropped out of the presidential race. The picture with Donna Rice and Hart inviting reporters to "follow me around," which they did.

There was a brief mention of KFC's "edible fingernail polish," which is marketed in Hong Kong. [Ogilvy and Mather were involved. AND, later during Sunday Morning, there was a commercial for a KFC product.]

Mo Rocca did the piece on George Hodgeman who went back to Paris, Missouri to care for his mother Betty, and later wrote a book Bettyville. Her favorite book was the Secret Confessions of Ava Gardner.

There was a presentation of an animated feature by Jacob Frey. Therein a boy receives a puppy that is missing part of a leg. At the end, one sees the boy is also missing part of a leg.

[KFC commercial appears before Braver piece on Bei Bei]

Steve Hartman in Leesburg, VA.

Lee Cowan noted Allison Jenney was discovered by Paul Newman, both of whom went to Kenyon College.

Conor Knighton's piece on the Petrified Forest was unusual, in focusing on people who took pieces of petrified wood, but later returned them. the Conscience pile.

There was an opinion piece by Susan Wojcicki of Google advocating paid maternity leave. In the early days of Google, operations were out of Wojcicki's garage. Susan has done an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on paid maternity leave.

The moment of nature was mustangs at Pine Nut Mountains in Nevada.


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