Saturday, April 09, 2016

Academic assertion: patent classification system affects the way that an innovation is going to be viewed

IPBiz takes note of the paper mentioned in the text:

According to the paper, “Cognitive Neighborhoods and the Valuation of Innovation: A Cross-National Analysis,” if a patent’s assigned technology class is closely related to other classes, that patent will itself end up being more valuable.

And, yes, patent citation is mentioned:

Tyler Wry: Something that is interesting to keep in mind when we are looking at patents and classification, and the valuation of intellectual property, is that there is an assumption that the number of citations that a patent gets in future innovation is a reflection of its value. And what Adam has done really nicely in this paper is show that it’s not just a reflection of the quality of the patent that is driving its valuation, but it really is where it gets slotted into the classification system.

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