Thursday, March 10, 2016

Varma wins reversal/vacating of PTAB decisions at CAFC

Appellant Varma, represented by JAY P. KESAN, won at the CAFC.
KENNETH R. ADAMO represented appellee IBM.

Varma’s appeals center on two
claim phrases: (1) a “bias parameter” that “determines a
degree of randomness in sample selection in a resampling
process”; and (2) “a statistical analysis request corresponding
to two or more selected investments.” We agree
with Varma that the Board erred regarding both claim
phrases. Correcting the first error, we reverse the cancellation
of claims 1–5, 8–16, 19–21, and 24. Correcting the
second error, we vacate the cancellation of claims 22, 23,
25, and 29–31 and remand for further proceedings on
those claims.


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