Sunday, March 20, 2016

CBS Sunday Morning on March 20, 2016

Mo Rocca hosted "CBS Sunday Morning" on March 20, while Charles Osgood recovers from knee surgery.
Rocca launched right into the cover story by Erin Moriarty about Gawker, featuring the recent
jury award to Hulk Hogan. Second was Lee Cowan on Gwen Stefani. Third Conor Knighton on Everglades
National Park. Fourth, Rita Braver on Steve Martin and Edie Brickell and "Bright Star." Fifth,
Jim Axelrod on artist Norman Lewis.

The headlines were Obama in Cuba. Freginals, Spain. 737 crash in Russia. Earth Home.
March Madness. Bald eagles in DC zoo. Weather: snow in northeast.
The story by Erin Moriarty was titled "Testing the Limits," and related to Gawker founder
Nick Denton, who stated gossip is that version of the news that authorities don't want us to
know. The piece included the Trump business about better to spend one day as a lion than 100
as a sheep (Mussolini). Denton mentioned that an outcast might be more willing to publish
this material because the outcast would care less about being accepted by the establishment.
There was a video shot at Gawker central showing live output of the number of views for the top
stories. A good story would get at least 1 million views. The Hogan story got 8 million views.
There was a video of Denton with Clarence Washington. Denton will be turning 50.
The pulling of the story on the Conde Nast CFO was mentioned; Denton mentioned journalists must
make judgment calls all the time. A view of headline: Hogan's Zeroes. The Moriarty piece
did not address points of law on libel.

Almanac was on March 20, 1981, the day Jean Harris was sentenced for the March 10, 1980 murder.
Harris was compared to Madame Bovary. Mario Cuomo commuted her sentence in 1992 and Harris
died December 23, 2012.

Jim Axelrod did a piece on artist Norman Lewis. Nigel Freeman. Show at Pennsylvania
Academy of Fine Arts. Lewis was born in 1909. Painting titled "Yellow Hat."
Former basketball player Darrell Walker was interviewed as a collector of Lewis.

Rita Braver did a piece on Steve Martin and Edie Brickell (married to Paul Simon).

Mo Rocca did a piece on the CBS production studio, wherein "Sunday Morning" has been made for 37 years.
Studio 45 was used for "Captain Kangaroo." The studio was previously a milk distribution center; CBS
moved in in 1964. Studio 41 was for "As the World Turns." Studio 43 is for CBS Sports, and there
was a clip with the basketball folks, including Charles Barkley (who picked Michigan State to win the NCAA tournament.)

Conor Knighton did a piece on Everglades National Park, created in 1947.

Nat Gallagher did an opinion piece on the anniversary of the Iraq invasion (13 years). He mentioned war is a narcotic
involving other people's sons and daughters. And asked
what if it was your son or daughter? He spoke of a divide.

March 23 will be peak time for cherry blossoms in Washington DC.

Mo Rocca talked about Osgood, Geist, and a webchat by Knighton.

Next week: Joel Osteen.

The moment of nature by BI was on the Yellowstone "ice out."


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