Thursday, February 11, 2016

Should Bank of America be giving lectures to USPTO employees?

IPBiz got a chuckle from the Bloomberg post titled --Wall Street Is Trying to Beat Silicon Valley at Its Own Game--, which included the text

In January dozens of government patent examiners gathered in a suburban Washington lecture hall to listen to Bank of America employees go through a slideshow. Hundreds more tuned in for a webcast.


--Recall Bank of America's published patent application 20080103804 (11/923186, filed 24 Oct. 2007), titled COUNTRY ASSESSMENT, which was discussed in IPBiz in 2008
[ ]

which mentioned the now famous amendments:
The words "a Spanish speaking country" became --a country that speaks Language S.--
The words "Mexico and Spain" became --Country M and Country S (that predominantly speak Language S)--

Remember also the text: One recalls the absolute clumsiness manifested by Bank of America in a similar application, 20080103804 .


Separately, from Blawgsearch on 11 February 2016:


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